I had to keep busy, so I wouldn't think about what had happened.

Pam was late coming home.

In God We Trust.

Brodie wanted to go, but he had lots of things to do.

I don't drink beer anymore.

He was praised for saving a life.

This is Boston's oldest restaurant.

Let's change the subject.


I agree with you that we need more women in this company.

No complaints have been reported.

She spends most of her money on clothes.


We can't afford to take risks like that.

The answer to your question is no.

Can you smell it?


Claudio tried to hide her feelings.

He loved to laugh and enjoy life.

I dare not go to such a dangerous place.


I misjudged you.

It's time to go to sleep.

Wolves usually do not attack humans.


Vistlik saw a notice on a lamp post offering a reward for the return of a lost dog that answers to the name of Alison.

I'm not surprised at all.

Don't worry. I'll pay you for everything.

You're an animal.

At least 31 people have been killed by the eruption.

Reinhard is a friend of ours.

There were a lot of boats on the lake.

"Oh, it's a lot more," Dima smiled. "But actually, this is a collect call. So you're the noob, 'cause you're paying."

It's not likely to get any better.

I'm supposed to meet Ernie in Boston next Monday at 2:30.

I fully support your proposal.


The store was just off the street.

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There's no way to translate it.

It is necessary that you follow the advice of your mother.

I'm going to trust my instincts.

One fifth of the earth's surface is covered by permafrost.

Keep out of reach of children.

I don't want to do it again.

Cheer up! Things are not as bad as you think.


I highly doubt Elijah knows any French.

Jussi is a responsible adult.

Do you know what Paola wants for Christmas?

I'm sorry, but you can't marry Susan.

His latest work belongs to a different category.

Patience is the mother of science.

Do you really want to know?

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That sounds like a big waste of money.

You'll never know whether you can do it or not if you don't try.

Today schoolboys are more naughty than earlier.

Aren't you glad you're retired?

Don't be fooled by her looks.

Today the ozone layer is thinning.

My mom told me not to get into trouble.

She depends on her husband for everything.

I felt completely out of my element.


I'm not allowed to leave.

I don't have any siblings.

Do you see any problems with us not attending that meeting?

Do you want to see something interesting?

Jong was wearing a cheap suit bought off the rack.

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He made a duplicate of that key.

We cannot meet your needs.

The sun sends out light.


They are unlikely to marry.

The village had more than a thousand residents.

He's interested in mathematics.


I demand to know what you're doing here.


Root is looking for a fight.


You and Kamel can stay here.

Stacey is on the board of directors.

I refuse to choreograph such a hideous and immoral production.

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I've given you everything I can give you.

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These are not my ideas.

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Andries was armed with a kitchen knife.

What is your native language?

Have you said anything to Magnus yet?

Laurie started swearing.

Amigo is in his office.

Referring to short people as "the vertically challenged" is political correctness running wild.

It's fair today, so we can work all day.

How much will it cost to have my car washed?

Pravin pleaded guilty to drunken driving and his driver's license was suspended for six months.

He has been loved by all.

Dominic made it clear that he didn't intend to help Jakob.

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Let's hope Jayesh hasn't done anything stupid.

Does anyone know where Janet went?

I've had an extremely stressful day.

School begins in the spring.

Anger showed on his face.

Ming wasn't dancing with Masao then.

Do you have stomach pain?


The vase broke into fragments.


John moved forward to the gate.

Please bear in mind what I said.

I can only discuss it with her.

I haven't seen her for two months.

We don't know why there's more matter than antimatter.

Eli didn't know Marcia was a twin.

Patricio didn't know who the girl was.

Smoking is prohibited here.

Make way, please.

What a beautiful number.

What if I told you I really want to be a teacher?

Shove off! I'm busy!

I wanted to know why you didn't come yesterday.

Let's decide with a coin toss.

A dog bit me this morning.

He pulls down at least twenty million yen a year.

Where did you come by the watch?

Do you have a budget?

A number of books were stolen.

We have to do our jobs.

What did you eat for dinner?


In this world, it's difficult to go on behaving like a human being.


I don't like big cities.

Vincent was worried, too.

The book is on the table.

The dog's house is outside.

Daniel didn't say a word all afternoon.

Just because there aren't any complaints, doesn't necessarily mean your customers are content.

The boll weevil has long plagued cotton crops.

Does that make any sense to you?

In modern professional tennis, winning a big tournament is considered a greater achievement than winning several smaller tournaments of the same combined value. Hence, top players typically concentrate on bigger tournaments and only play a few smaller ones in between. Consequently, top players play and win fewer matches than before. Since Ivan Lendl won 106 out of 115 matches he played in 1982, nobody won more than 90 matches in a single season, except Roger Federer, who went 92-5 in 2006.

In India, cows are sacred animals.

Jelske is extremely funny.

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I can't understand why Starbuck wouldn't want you to be here.


Jenine said that he loved Lynnette and always would love her.


We'll be waiting for you.

Mickey hurt his right foot.

We don't have a long time.


Alan just told me that he doesn't plan to stay in Boston.


I suppose you think I'm nuts.

Sunil likes them.

I'll never forget him as long as I live.

Tomorrow I will buy what I need.

We're all a little bit crazy.

How many videos do you download per day?

I can make a call.


He believes whatever I say.

Perhaps we shouldn't be doing this.

Andrea knows something that we don't know.

I don't like either of the boys.

It all depends on your true relationship.

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I'm not ready to die yet.


Did you see Theo that night?

I am going out this afternoon.

Glad to see you, Juri.

Have you ever heard of something similar?

Her hair and the way she holds her head remind me of Maria.

Can you remember this game?

War is a crime against humanity.


The food here is terrible.

You have to stop worrying.

What happened to Malcolm?


I told her what he was doing in her room.

Let's race to the Izakaya!

Tanaka has some problems to deal with.

Laurie's family is here.

We'd better get inside.


That's why I asked you about jobs for teachers in your country.

They know me.

I have what you want.

I've got to make funeral arrangements.

Bright white cloud-tops reflect a lot of sunlight back into space. But clouds also blanket Earth, keeping some of its heat from escaping.

Let's have a good birthday celebration!

Pat was sitting on the stoop.